Monthly window cleaning

Who needs the service?

Any property that wants windows cleaned professionally.

Regularly cleaning keeps glass, frames, sills and doors looking good all year around. Regular cleaning also helps protect the surface of uPVC from degrading as fast from weather conditions.

What service do you offer?

We offer a monthly window cleaning service to keep windows looking good all year around. Some customers do prefer to have them cleaned every other month this is also possible at 1/3rd extra cost to the monthly price. We inform customers by text message the evening before coming this service is to allow for gate access and serves as a general reminder and to complete payment. *Please do not use this text service to cancel or skip cleans as the service is a regular one and the job has already been scheduled*.

We clean windows using a water fed pole & brush from the ground, the water we use is pure deionised water (this is not just standard tap water as that would leave spots).

Our dedicated window cleaning van is equip with a large water tank and 100 metres of hose enabling us to reach all windows on most properties. Ladders are available to reach some hard to reach windows if absolutely necessary.

All windows and doors are scrubbed and agitated with the brush with water flowing followed by a rinse to clear dirt off the surfaces. Windows are left wet and dry spotless. One of the benefits of using pure water, there is no soap left on the glass, therefore environmentally friendly. As there is no soap residue left on your windows (which there would be via the old traditional method), they will attract less dust & grime staying cleaner that bit longer.

We harvest rainwater and further filter it to create the bulk of our pure water for window cleaning.